Dogs Dig the Office

In celebration of take Your Dog to Work Day on June 23, we visited 17 well-behaved puppies and pooches who sit alongside their owners in cubicles, at a clothing store—even at sea!

Compiled by Lisa Leigh Connors | Photography by Julia Cumes

International Fund for Animal Welfare, Yarmouthport

Reesha, 6, Chihuahua
Reesha was adopted by Jennifer Gardner, IFAW’s disaster response program officer, more than a year ago. For Gardner, the best part about bringing Reesha to work is “watching her blossom—she has grown into a more social dog after having visitors, attending meetings and greeting her doggie co-workers. She looks forward to going to work each day and seeing all of her friends.”

Tootsie, turns 13 in August, Chocolate lab
Tootsie was rescued by Tana Christo, IFAW’s administrative assistant, via North Star Lab Rescue in August 2014. Bringing Tootsie to work “lets me give her as much love as possible for the remaining time we have together—especially since I got her at age 10,” says Christo. “Plus, it makes her so very happy to be with me all of the time, which makes us both happy. And happy people do better work!”

Bridget, 13, Pug
“We’re inseparable, I couldn’t imagine coming to work without her,” says Bridget’s owner, Phyllis Bayer, IT and
facilities director at IFAW

Tallulah 8, mixed breed dog
Brian Sharp, IFAW’s marine mammal rescue and research program manager, and his wife, Sarah, found Tallulah through Petfinder and arranged for her to come up on a rescue transport with 40 other dogs to the Northeast that relieves crowding in Southern shelters. “She brings a smile to people’s faces when they come into the office,” says Brian. “Especially after a tough rescue, our team is always happy to be greeted by a wagging tail when we get back.”

Maiden, 5, Canaan dog mix
Maiden was rescued from a conflict zone overseas. She was very sick and scared, and is now a healthy and happy working dog. Maiden comes to work every day, helping her owner, Daina Bray, with legalese and soaking up lots of attention from the animal-loving IFAW staff. The best thing about bringing Maiden to work: “Watching her successfully beg for attention from my colleagues,” says Bray, IFAW general counsel.

Macy, around 10 or 11, Yorkshire terrier
Macy, below, was rescued from a puppy mill. In November of 2011, the puppy mill was shut down and the 170 dogs were seized. When IFAW’s wildlife rescue manager Gail A’Brunzo found Macy, it was love at first sight. Since then, A’Brunzo has worked with Macy to overcome many struggles, including recent knee surgery. The best part about bringing Macy to work: “The role she serves as an icebreaker,” says A’Brunzo. “Her job is to provide a happy greeting to everyone who comes to my desk. It’s rare when people can pass by her cute little face looking up at them without stopping to say a friendly hello.”

Benny, 6 months, Most likely a German Shepherd-Chihuahua mix
Benny, above, is called a “sato,” Puerto Rican slang for street dog. Anna Spector, IFAW grants manager, found Benny through Petfinder at Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Massachusetts. Spector says having dogs in the office creates a mellow atmosphere. “Even when people are facing tight deadlines or sitting in long meetings, having dogs around has a calming effect,” says Spector. “Plus, since Benny is a bit of a clown, he adds comic relief to my day!”

Center for Coastal Studies, Provincetown

Oscar, 11, Corgi
“I bring him to the office and in the field a lot. He’ll come on boats with me. He’s easy, he’s low to the ground, so he doesn’t fall down. I usually don’t do really long trips with him, but if it’s a half day on the water, he’ll come with me.”—Owen C. Nichols, director, marine fisheries reseach.

Frodo, 14, Corgi/Australian Cattle Dog mix
“I don’t bring him to work every day because I’m sometimes downstairs in the lab. I usually take him to work when I’m out on the boat taking plankton samples and my coworkers watch him for me because I’m out on the boat for a long time.”
—Christy Hudak, research associate, right whale ecology program

Wicked Thrift, West Yarmouth

Marco, 5, Anatolian Shepherd, 160 pounds
“Marco is an official GIANT with an unwavering calm demeanor. Anatolians are working dogs, so we love that he gets to be stimulated all day. He has two couches in our store, so it’s not unusual to find customers astounded by his size laying on top of him to take selfies and mushing him endlessly. It’s all about #Marco!” —Tammy Venneri, owner of Wicked Thrift

Walter, 7½, Mastiff mix
“It is nice to have a reason to take a break, otherwise I’d work through lunch. It forces me to get up and take him for a quick walk. He really does bring joy to everyone else.” —Brigid McKenna, photo and data manager/aerial observer, right whale ecology program

Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance, Chatham

America, 1½, Standard poodle
“She loves coming here. When she’s home and has to be inside all day, that’s no fun. She is old enough now where she doesn’t run off. She is a good example for the other dogs. She is not very demanding. She’s pretty relaxed.” — Seth Rolbein, director of Cape Cod Fisheries Trust

Lucy, 5 months, black lab
“Being able to spend time with her is the best part of bringing her to work. They’re better because of it. She’s probably going to be a different dog than if she was sitting at home all day.”
—Marjorie Debrosky, sector manager

Sailor, 6, yellow lab
Sandy, 8, black lab
“Sailor has been coming here since she was seven weeks old. Now that they have each other, I leave them home a couple of days. When Sandy knows she’s coming to work, she just goes crazy. She runs in circles and when we get out of the car here, she’s so excited. It’s because she gets so many cookies here!”
—Missy Clarke, director of finance and accounting

Hinckley Home Center, Harwich

Sailor, 18 months, Portuguese water dog
Edward Van Halen, 3, boxer

“They’re with you all day long, so you don’t have to worry about them and customers love to see them! They just make you smile.”
— Phyllis Wansiewicz, treasurer and owner of Hinckley Home
Center, Harwich

Mackenzie & Company, Hyannis

Maxwell, 1, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

“He typically gets up on the ledge and looks out the window, and he loves to watch the cars go by on Main Street and watch the birds,” says Angela Hamwey, owner of Mackenzie & Company, an interior design firm. “We walk to the park across the street and to the boats at Hyannis Harbor. My clients always ask if he’s going to be here. It’s really calming when he’s here alone with me.”

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