A Pirate Adventure

Text and photography by Danika Thiele

Step inside the Whydah Pirate Museum in West Yarmouth for a sword-clashing, historical adventure. The 12,000-foot space, which opened in June, features an interactive science museum with historical treasures. The Whydah gives visitors an opportunity to touch, see and interact with the world’s only authenticated pirate treasure. Discovered in 1984 off the coast of Wellfleet by diver-explorer Barry Clifford, the Whydah was a fully rigged galley ship built by the British to travel to Africa, the Caribbean and Great Britain. According to legend, famed pirate Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy’s love interest lived on the coast of Cape Cod, and he was returning to her with a fleet of gold when the ship was swept up by a violent storm and sunk off the coast of Wellfleet in 1717.

The museum displays various artifacts from the Whydah wreckage, including ancient pistols, lace ribbons and a chest of coins. Visitors can also witness first-hand preservation and excavation of precious artifacts by archeologists working on site at the museum. A discovery wing showcases Whydah artifacts preserved in concretions more than 300 years old. The museum is an intriguing addition to Cape activities and appeals to any age, leaving visitors with a renewed sense of wonder and adventure. The attraction plans on expanding soon, utilizing the property’s outdoor space for a pirate village and summer camp for 2017.

Whydah Pirate Museum, 674 Route 28, West Yarmouth,

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