The Art of Artisan Skin Care

Chatting with Angela Thornton, Owner of Artisan Skin Care

Photo by Lydia Leclair Photography

How long have you owned Artisan Skin Care?

Since 2008—almost 10 years. I was homeless and the economy was bad when I bought my company. I remember a friend saying to me at the time, “You’re either the biggest idiot or the biggest genius right now.”

What services do you provide?

Holistic Artisan facials, which include micro-current, micro-dermabrasion and LED light therapies. I also do eyelash and eyebrow tinting and full body waxing, including the popular Brazilian wax.

What are your most popular products and services?

Products wise: Hands down is my Artisan Organics Cleansing Oil and Calendula Healing Oil. The cleansing oil is favored because you get an incredibly deep clean (best makeup remover ever) without irritating your skin as you would with traditional water-based cleansers. My most popular service is the customized Artisan Elite Facial and its 8-week series package.

What makes you stand out from other skin care providers?

My facial therapies and formulations have one thing in common: I work with your skin, not against it. Your body is familiar with what I’m asking it to do during my artisan treatments. Therefore, they are the most noninvasive safe procedures on the market. All products are from natural or organic sources of the highest quality from Europe.

If someone never had a skincare regimen, where would you tell them to start?

First, be an “ingredients snob” like me. Be educated with ingredients you are placing on your body and don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best for your skin! As for a daily skin care routine? Keep it simple with effective, natural ingredients.

Artisan Skin Care

195 Route 6A, Orleans, 774-212-1827

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Organic Cleansing Oil

Organic Cleansing Oil, $38  (Photo by Jeff Smith)

Variety of Soaps For Each Season, $8 Each (Photo by Jeff Smith)
Soothing Rose Milk Exfoliant, $28 (Photo by Jeff Smith)

Calendula Healing Oil

Calendula Organic Healing Oil, $28 (Photo by Jeff Smith)

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