Art Bar Inspirations

By Marina Davalos

In just about every paint party that I teach or assist at The Cape Cod Art Bar in Mashpee, a person’s self-perception often changes during the two-hour class. People who have never created a painting before leave with their very first work of art. It is so cool and inspiring!

Many people arrive saying, “I’m not artistic at all!” and “I’m scared, I’ve never painted!” Totally understandable—even the most seasoned artist can be intimidated by sitting in front of a blank canvas. “If you can follow instructions, you can do a painting,” says Ali Tyber, the owner of The Cape Cod Art Bar. At a paint party, instructors take attendees step-by-step through an entire painting in two hours.

A painting like “Starry Starry Cape Cod,” with its whimsical swirls in the sky, can create anxiety for some people: “I need something solid to go by, like if I’m painting a boat, I know it’s supposed to look like a boat. This is just a bunch of lines and swirls, I don’t know what to do with it. I’m type A,” said one attendee. But by the end, everyone had created their own “Starry Starry Cape Cod,” and some were even impressed with themselves.

“People that leave here after finishing a painting,” says Tyber, “often say to themselves, ‘Well, I did that, now I wonder what other things I can do that I didn’t think I could?’”

Upcoming paint parties include:

  • Tuesday, Dec. 22, 7-9 p.m.: Stress-buster paint party, “Here Today, Gone to Maui!”
  •  Monday, Dec. 282-4 p.m.: Family paint party, “Olaf in Summer!” (Perfect for kids during Christmas vacation!)
  • Saturday, Jan. 91-3 p.m., “Paint Your Pet.” Send in a photo of your pet and the Paint Bar will print it out and transfer it as a line drawing onto canvas.

The Cape Cod Art Bar, 18 Steeple St., Mashpee. For more information and to sign up: CLICK HERE


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