BOL Filled With Love

At left: The Whydah bowl includes acai, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and almond milk. The Jelly bowl, right, is filled with acai, banana, almond milk, organic peanut butter and strawberries. Both are topped with toasted coconut and granola.

Owner Alix Tillet has masterfully operated BŌL—a café with a relaxing and inviting atmosphere—for the past few years. The interior features white wooden walls, hanging plants and beautiful artwork. The best part, of course, is the menu: mouth-watering, eye-catching organic acai bowls and smoothies. Choose from popular menu items like the Jelly (strawberries, blueberries, peanut butter) or the Somerset (pitaya, bananas, mango) and snuggle up in their hammock. Tillet describes her lighthearted beach bungalow as her own personal “paint bucket.” What drove her to open BŌL is quite simple: “Food and color make me so happy,” she says. In her battle with Lyme disease, Tillet has found that fueling her body with good food is one way she has healed herself. At the core of BŌL, she says, is the idea that fueling your body with pure and beautiful food positively affects the way you move, think and feel throughout the day—and ultimately your life. Tillet and her manager Matt Landon both agree that the positivity and character that Wellfleet radiates is vital to their overall success. In the future, Tillet strives to continue involving BŌL in the community. So far, she’s achieved this by integrating local artwork, music and yoga classes, and working with her partner and husband, Cole Barash, owner of 4 Mile Books located right next door to BŌL.

Taylor Fry

70 Main St., Wellfleet, 413-854-5100

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