Bridge Over Soothing Waters: Then & Now

Uncle Tim’s Bridge, a popular scene for weddings and celebrations, connects Hamblen Island (also known as Cannon Hill) to the town of Wellfleet. Originally built in 1844, the bridge was named after Timothy A. Daniels, a local fisherman and tour guide, who also ran a ships’ chandlery.

Uncle Tim's Bridge - Wellfleet

Uncle Tim’s Bridge – Wellfleet

According to Helen Purcell, Wellfleet Historical Society & Museum’s Curator Emerita, children would cross the bridge from attending school and stop by “Uncle Tim’s” chandlery for treats on their way into town. For decades, the narrow boardwalk was simply called the bridge over Duck Creek. Daniels died in 1893 and it wasn’t until about 50 years after his death that townspeople started calling it Uncle Tim’s Bridge. Why? It still remains a mystery today. Over the years, the beloved bridge has undergone many repairs and was rebuilt in 2008. Visitors to this historic landmark will enjoy the hiking trails near the Duck Creek tidal marsh and the beautiful, ever-changing views from one season to the next.

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