B/Spoke Opens in Falmouth

As a dedicated SoulCycle attendee, I was thrilled to discover that an indoor spinning studio, B/SPOKE, was opening a pop-up studio in East Falmouth for the summer. Eager to clip my spin shoes back into stationary bike pedals, I hopped on a seat in the front row of the studio’s opening class.

By Elana Golub



Aesthetically speaking, I was more than impressed. B/SPOKE transformed a barren office space into a modern studio, using black drapes, candles and mirrors to transport 24 cyclists out of Route 28 and into an empowering workout environment.

B/SPOKE instructor Katie led the class through several songs, encouraging us to ride to the beat of the music and adjust the level of resistance on the bikes as we rode up and down “hills.” The workout targeted multiple sections of the body, including a weights section. Powered by an upbeat playlist, Katie definitely maintained a high level of energy in the class—not an easy feat at 8:15 on a summer Friday morning.

Because I’ve taken many spinning classes, I found ease in keeping the beat and following the instructor. However, in the beginning of class, a few riders acknowledged that they had never taken a spin class before. Vastly important parts of a successful cycle workout involve form and positioning, but when you tell a group of people that have never been on a bike before to “tap it back” or just shout “in” and “out” when doing arm exercises, it’s more than likely that they won’t understand what you are talking about.

As this was the first class of summer, B/SPOKE Cape House still has time to work out some kinks before September rolls around. Riders can reach out at capehouse@bspokestudios.com with questions. The studio location is Kenyon’s Corner, directly off Route 28 in East Falmouth. It is located three miles from Mashpee Commons, Falmouth Center and Falmouth Heights.

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