Chasing the Sun on Cape Cod

Our intern, Barnstable High School senior Taylor Brennan, shares a few of her favorite scenic spots to enjoy the sunset on the Cape – most often, with a camera in hand.

Text and photography by Taylor Brennan

                                              Old Silver Beach, Falmouth

Old Silver Beach is one of my favorite places to watch the sun set. It is located in such a spot where you can literally watch the sun sink into the water. The bright pinks and oranges that fill the sky are so vibrant. I like to get there right before the sun starts sinking down to the water—around 5 to 6 o’clock—so I can watch the quickly changing sky. I also don’t have to pay for parking at this time of day in the summer. This is one of my favorite spots and I highly recommend a trip to Falmouth because you can’t see a sunset like this anywhere else on the Cape.

 The Sandwich Boardwalk

The Sandwich Boardwalk is a place I enjoy around 4 o’clock to walk the beach, sit on the edge of the boardwalk and wait for the sun to go down—whether it’s with friends, taking senior pictures for someone or just enjoying the peace alone. It is one of the most serene places. The sun reflects off of the water, showcasing an amazing mirroring image. The boardwalk can be rather busy, especially in the summer, but during the off season it’s peaceful and quiet like no other.

Wequaquet Lake, Centerville

Whether you are driving by on Phinneys Lane or Shootflying Hill Road, you’ll almost always be able to catch a glimpse of the sunset on Wequaquet Lake—and maybe even the sunrise—if you’re awake that early. I grew up on this lake, so every morning when I’d get ready for school, I’d walk out on my deck and take a picture of the sun rising above the trees. Some days, it would be so bright that all you could see was a big sphere of beaming whitish yellows glaring into the windows. But other days, you could see it slowly peek through the clouds and transform the sky from dark purples and pinks all the way to the baby blue sky on a sunny day. On the flip side, you can also catch the sunset. There are hardly any waves, so it is very calming to sit and watch the water glisten and the sky transform from light to dark in a matter of minutes. Whether it be summer or winter, you can always catch a quick view of this beautiful sight.

Gray’s Beach Boardwalk, Yarmouth

If you are going on a nice drive down route 6A and the sun happens to be setting, make sure you catch the sunset at the Gray’s Beach Boardwalk in Yarmouth. The boardwalk itself is amazing. You park the car, get out and then stroll down the long 800-foot walkway, which leads to a sitting area. It is here where you can wait until the sun starts to sink down over the water, and the marshlands and clouds start to turn pink. Simply turn around and you’ll catch the moon rising. You get the best of both worlds. It is definitely worth the drive.

Hardings Beach, Chatham

Peace is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Hardings Beach in Chatham. One of the cool factors of this beach is that you can admire the sunset right from your car. The sun sinks down into the water and the whole sky lights up with dark purples and bright pinks and yellows. The beach itself is very calm and soothing. If you look to the left, you’ll see high dunes built up along the side; look to the right, you’ll see houses and open beach to stroll on or just sit and read a book. The location of the beach is kind of hidden, but once you meet your destination, it is well worth the effort to find it for the view and peace.

The Knob, Falmouth

If you’re someone who enjoys a nice nature walk with a view, The Knob is the place for you. Colorful is the first word that comes to my mind. You get both the serene harbor with big white sailboats and houses and the open ocean side. You can walk all the way to the end of The Knob, where you’ll find a stone platform. When you look out from here, all you see is open ocean and the sky is filled with many different colors. It is amazing to be surrounded by so much nature and beauty.



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