Chatting with Jennifer Pappalardo of the JFK Hyannis Museum

A Q&A with Jennifer Pappalardo, the operations supervisor for the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum

How long have you been operations supervisor for the museum?

Since 2014. It’s been by far my favorite job. The staff at the museum is knowledgeable and friendly and we meet people from all over the world. Everyone wants to share how President Kennedy touched their lives. The Kennedy family really did inspire entire generations.

What are some of your top-selling items at the gift shop?

Books are our best-selling items in the gift shop. We work with a book distributor, Books by the Sea in Centerville, to help us pick out Kennedy and Cape Cod-related books for all ages. The gift shop has items at every price point. When students come to visit, we sell a lot of pencils and magnets, but when families come in July and August, we always sell out of the higher-priced items, like a silk scarf in a retro design of Cape Cod.

Sculpture of President John F. Kennedy
and his son John Jr., by David Lewis

How will the gift shop celebrate JFK’s centennial celebration?

We will feature many limited-edition items, including pop-up cards, coins, magnets and business card holders with special logos on them.

What do you love most about your job?

I love my job because every day is so different. There are events to plan, volunteers and docents to organize, education programs to develop, motor coach visits to coordinate, plus buying and receiving for the gift shop. Everyone who volunteers and works at the museum has an interest in the Kennedy history, so we are all able to answer questions about the Kennedy Family as well as areas of interest on Cape Cod.

397 Main St. Hyannis, 508-790-3077

Some top items for sale at the museum’s gift shop…


John F. Kennedy Books

A variety of popular titles

$15.99 to $17


Kiel James Patrick Bracelets

Cotton nautical cord, brass anchor and JFK coin



Lovepop Pop-Up Card

Special centennial celebration edition, featuring a 3-D paper sculpture of Victura, $15


Silk scarf

featuring retro design of Cape Cod


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