Cooking Up Tradition

Michael Haidas can remember meeting the fish purveyors from Cape Fish & Lobster in Hyannis when he was just 14 years old and helping out at Cooke’s Seafood, owned by his father and uncle. Now two decades later, he and his brother, Van, have returned as owners of the iconic eatery in Hyannis and he is buying fresh fish from Cape Fish & Lobster every day. “Cooke’s has always been about good, quality seafood,” says Haidas. The Haidas brothers are also owners of The Knack, a stylish and popular roadside hamburger stand in Orleans. While they strive to honor Cooke’s traditions, they want to elevate the menu as well. “We took a look at what we could improve and made a few small changes,” says Haidas. Gone are some infrequently ordered entrees, and in their place are fresh salads with artisanal greens and Roma tomatoes, hand-cut fries and homemade coleslaw dressing. They tried new homemade tartar sauce, too, but the outcry was swift. “Everyone wanted the old tartar sauce back,” he laughs, “and we listen to our customers.” —Lisa Cavanaugh

Cooke’s Seafood, 1120 Route 132, Hyannis, 508-775-0450

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