Creative Connections

“Today, you are color scientists,” says Alex Roberts, as she instructs young art students at her Dot to Dot Art Workshop.  This particular class, ranging in ages 5-8, begins mixing yellows and reds together before they begin painting a blank canvas. Roberts, a former art teacher at Wellfleet Elementary School, decided after 11 years of teaching that the timing was right to launch her own art workshop. During the day, classes are open for ages 2-5, and after-school workshops are offered for elementary students. For the younger set, Roberts says, the focus is more sensory processing. For instance, they might create ice cream cones out of dough, make spin art with a salad spinner or paint on a Lucite block. “You have to have a lot of things in your back pocket,” laughs Roberts, “because this age group tends to get bored quickly!” Her favorite source of inspiration? Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” (above) which helps students practice movement and how to show perspective in size. Roberts also hosts birthday parties and “She’s Crafty” nights for teenagers and adults. 2 Harold St., Unit E, Harwichport, 508-432-0586,

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