Cruising Along

by Lisa Leigh Connors

“Chappy Happy is about living life each day and loving where you are,” says Hilarie Lally-DeNoon, co-founder and CEO of the lifestyle brand Chappy Happy, which sells apparel, accessories and now bicycles. “So a beach cruiser made perfect sense as a product that would help customers do just that.” Since Lally-DeNoon and her husband have three children, they are always looking for activities to do as a family. “Bicycling allows us to enjoy time with our children,” says Lally-DeNoon, who enjoys riding around Edgartown, Oak Bluffs and Chappaquiddick, the island that inspired it all. “Plus, it gets our kids off their electronics!” The beach cruisers, made to withstand ocean air, feature a weather-resistant seat and grips and a carbon belt drive which deters rust. Every bicycle comes with a basket of your choice (also available for purchase as a standalone product) and decorative stickers to create your own unique look. The lightweight cruiser, offered in white, blue and rose, requires simple assembly. Visit to choose your color, frame style, basket color and you’ll be riding happy on your Chappy Happy bike!

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