Dancing the Night Away


By Lisa Leigh Connors

I love to dance. When a fun, upbeat song is played at a party, I’m usually the first one to rush to the dance floor with a group of girlfriends. But I’ll admit, I don’t know many dance steps beyond swaying back and forth and moving my arms to the beat. I always dreamed of dazzling crowds at parties with precise dance moves, style and sass. But to be truthful, I struggle with rhythm and coordination. When dance instructor Adam in Chatham invited me to a private ballroom dance lesson one evening, I was a little intimated and shied away a bit. Then he asked, “How about if you bring a few coworkers?” After I sent an invite to my colleagues, I was surprised at how many responded with an enthusiastic, “YES!”

During the 45-minute class at Studio 878 in Chatham, Adam covered a lot of ground and gave us a taste of the basics: Fox trot, tango, rumba box and single-time swing. He then beautifully demonstrated each dance style with his partner, Naomi Turner. He was approachable, easy to work with, entertaining and funny. At the end, we all felt energized, empowered and ready to accomplish anything! Adam, originally from London, says this year he hopes to reach the 18-to-30 age group and to cultivate great dancing on the Cape. So if you’re looking for some fun and inspiration this winter, put on your dancing shoes and head to Studio 878. Private lessons cost $85 for 45 minutes. Adam also teaches group classes, for two or three couples (which would help defray the cost). To read more about Adam in Chatham, one of Cape Cod Magazine’s People to Watch this year, CLICK HERE

Studio 878 is located at 878 Main St., Chatham, 508-514-0809. For more information, CLICK HERE for more

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