Face to Face with Peyton Lambton

The former contestant on “The Bachelor” and co-host of HGTV and DIY Network gardening shows “Going Yard,” “Smart Home” and “Dream Home,” recently joined local DJ Dan Mahoney on 106 WCOD, every weekday morning for the “Dan and Peyton” show. She lives with her husband, Chris, in Dennis, where they are currently remodeling their home.

By Lisa Leigh Connors

How did the job at 106 WCOD come about?
Dan called to ask if I wanted to fill in one morning and as I was there, we started talking about who was going to join him on air. The timing was just right for me and I was thrilled that they asked me to join the team.

Have you worked in radio before?
I have only been a guest on the radio over the years from talking about “The Bachelor” and our HGTV projects. The talking part is easy for me, but now I am learning the ins and outs of working the board and recording commercials. It’s not difficult, just something new.

How do you prepare for each show?
I begin each morning by scanning the headlines and determining what is most important for our listeners. Then we look at fun stories in the news that can create dialog and we also like to incorporate our personal lives. There is usually something one of us has done the previous day or evening that creates a fun story or turns to a topic that we know listeners will enjoy.

You often talk about everyday life situations (laundry, life with your husband, Chris) on the air. Is this how you approach every show?
My life has been in the public since I decided to be a part of “The Bachelor” and HGTV, so sharing what’s going on at home with my husband and dog is just another part of it for me. I hope sharing with listeners will help them connect with me on a personal level. I also like to end every day with something fun and upbeat. This could be a funny video from YouTube or a great story about someone making the world a better place.

You grew up in Kingsport, Tenn., which is a small town. Was it hard to adjust living here?
I was living in Dallas when I met Chris, so moving from a major city to the Cape was an adjustment for sure. But it wasn’t the people I had to get used to; it was the cold weather that was tough for me. I don’t think I even owned a pair of snow boots or a heavy jacket when I first arrived! New Englanders are very friendly and I have felt very comfortable here.

Do you still watch “The Bachelor” or “Bachelorette?”
Yes, I still watch and love it! I definitely watch in a different way after being on the show because I know what happens behind the scenes. I also feel women go on the show to become famous now, which wasn’t the case when I was on. I am a sucker for pretty much all reality TV. It’s my guilty pleasure, especially anything on Bravo.

How is the work on your house going? Is this a new house or a renovation?
The house is coming along. I do feel like it is a never-ending project because we planned for so long before anything even happened. We expect it to be finished in early June just in time for summer! We started the project as a renovation and ended up tearing the house down because there were too many unknowns when dealing with a house built in the 1800s. So now it’s all new construction, but the front of the house is actually the same design as the old house and it looks the same from the street view.

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