For the Love of Baking

Amie Smith, owner of AMIE Bakery in Osterville, has had a lifelong obsession with Julia Child. She’s always loved baking and always loved seeing her friends enjoy her creations. After working decades as a corporate writer in Manhattan, she decided one day that she couldn’t ignore the call any longer to pursue her passion. Today, with a degree from the Institute of Culinary Education, Smith is on a mission to share her love for “real” pastries. And you won’t find shortening in any of their delectable desserts. Only pure, European-style butter is used to make their traditional buttercream at this small, specialty bakery. From old-time pastries and classic breakfast and lunch items to homemade sodas and ice cream floats, AMIE Bakery serves up food that people love. Check out the delicious and ever-changing menu at 3 Wianno Ave., Osterville, 508-428-1005.

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