Ginger Beer With Soul

Out of Truro comes one of Cape Cod’s newest and certainly more unique local products: alcoholic ginger beer, created by goat farmer Willie Fenichel. A beverage popular in the United Kingdom, the drink has a light citrus and soft ginger flavor that’s perfect for mixing in cocktails or being sipped on its own. With the help of Brown University students Nico Enriquez and Max Easton, Fenichel began to market and distribute his product, Farmer Willie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, to liquor stores and bars across the Cape this summer.

Crafted from a recipe of fresh, hand-ground ginger, ginger juice, lemon juice, and Willie’s secret spice mix, this refreshing beverage delivers a distinctly natural flavor. The tagline, “Ginger with Soul,” printed on the label of every can, embodies the personality of the product. “We wanted to share the small-scale special recipe,” says Easton, “so more people could enjoy it.” For more information, visit —Elana Golub

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