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We reached out to some of our favorite social media stars and asked them to share their stories and stunning images. Here are some talented photographers you should be following on Instagram.

By Lisa Leigh Connors

Elizabeth Evans D’Ascensao

When did you start your Instagram account and what was the inspiration?

I started my account in 2011, shortly after Instagram launched. It has evolved quite a bit. One of my earliest photos was of my office chair. I love checking out new social media platforms and different ways to share stories and connect with people.

What camera or phone do you use? 

I use an iPhone 7 Plus for my Instagram photos.

Favorite filter?

I don’t use filters, but I do love shooting on overcast, foggy or rainy days, when there is as little contrast as possible.

Do you use any editing apps?

I occasionally use Color Story to quickly and easily adjust the brightness of my photos, and I use Planoly to preview my feed and keep it cohesive.

How would you adescribe the look of your Instagram feed?

Light and airy, an escape from the business of ordinary life.

Where are some of your favorite places to photograph on the Cape? 

The beaches and harbors in Harwich, especially with my two young children. I have so many happy memories of running up and down those same beaches as a kid with my own brothers and sister, and I’m grateful to be able to share those beautiful views with our community on Instagram.

Mike Bows

Day job:

I am a project engineer for a civil engineering company on Cape Cod. When I’m not doing the 9-5, I work part time for a landscape architect and on the weekends with my dad doing carpentry.

When did you start @honoryourrhythm and what was inspiration?

In 2014 when I started a new job on Cape Cod traveling to and from Exit 12, I would stop in the morning and on the way home to take pictures of the sunrise and sunsets (with my phone). From there, I became interested in night photography and got a hand-me-down Nikon DSLR. Not knowing the first thing about a real camera, I contacted photographers from all over New England to teach me their ways. If it wasn’t for @bx_photography (Bryan Xavier) and @bino_bodega (Sabino Flores) taking me under their wing, I would still have no idea what I was doing.

What is the meaning behind @honoryourrhythm?

It is part of a quote from George Denslow’s book “Living Out of Darkness.” “Clear your energy, honor your rhythm, live your vision.” It’s about learning how to dance with our shadows.

Favorite filter and why:

I seldom use filters on Instagram. I like to approach every photo from scratch. Ninety five percent of photos on my account are edited on my iPhone using apps like Snapseed, Lightroom Mobile or Photoshop Express.

How would you describe the look of @honoryourrhythm photos?

I like to think of my photos as vibrant. I like to oversaturate the colors and make my work stand out from the rest.

What cameras do you use?

Cannon 6D with a 16-35mm f2.8L lens and a Mavic Pro Drone. I still enjoy shooting with my iPhone, especially for time lapses and behind the scenes.

Beth Patkoske

Day job:

Director of communications for The Davenport Companies, based in South Yarmouth.

When did you start @capecodbeth and what was inspiration?

My first post as @capecodbeth was a snowy winter photo of the Dennis Village Green/Dennis Union Church in March 2013. I’m inspired by the idea of capturing glimpses of natural beauty as well as moments in people’s lives where they are engaged in something they love, primarily here on the Cape, but also in my travels. Initially, I was simply sharing these images with family and friends, but Instagram has transformed into a fun, creative outlet for me as well as a way to connect with fellow Instagrammers across the Cape and around the world.

Favorite filter and why?

Rise is one of my favorite Instagram filters. I like the way it seems to soften the light.

What kind of camera or phone do you use?

I’ve always used an iPhone, currently the iPhone 7 Plus.

Describe your look:

I try to take photos that focus on composition, texture and color by finding subjects that catch my eye and framing them in a unique way to give a different perspective and inspire people to seek out the locations and experience more of the Cape. I’ve also started using Instagram stories more often and hope to add some Instagram Live sessions as well.

Have you always been interested in photography?

I’ve always loved taking photos and capturing memories of special places and people. But as technology has improved, it has become even more fun to get creative with photography and we’re lucky to live in an area with so many fantastic locations.

Kerry Spencer

Day job:

Server, bartender, trivia night host.

When did you start @kerrycapecod and what was inspiration?

In May 2013. My main inspiration was the natural beauty and light of the Cape. I’ve always been that person with the camera in my hand. Instagram gave me that space not only to curate photos, but also to join a community of fellow photographers, a place to grow my photography skills.

Favorite filter:

At the moment, I don’t typically use filters. I edit photos mainly in Lightroom. In the past, I often used the filter Clean in the Made with Faded app.

What types of cameras or phone do you use? 

Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon and iPhone 6s.

Describe your look:

Coastal landscapes with a dash of minimalism.

Where are your favorite places on the Cape to photograph?

Cape Cod Bay at low tide, Nauset Beach sunrises and Provincetown.

Created by Samantha Sorabella


Day job:

I graduated from Bentley University last May with a marketing degree and I’m working as a marketing specialist.

When did you start @capeology?

In June 2015. My family had spent the summers in Falmouth and that year we bought a house by Menauhant Beach. That first summer when I drove by Falmouth Heights and took in the view overlooking the Vineyard Sound, I knew that I needed to share this place with more people.

How do you curate your photos?

I try to diversify the posts by sharing various locations around the Cape and featuring different types of photographers. Every day, I search #capeology and check any submissions I’ve received and save the ones I like for the future. However, I do also feature photos that don’t use the hashtag. I’ve found that by utilizing #capeology on every post, it led to others using it on their posts as well and it just became a ripple effect. As of January 2018, #capeology has been used over 26,000 times!

Favorite Instagram filter?

I don’t use filters much, but I do boost the saturation a little and increase the sharpness on some photos. A lot of the times, the photos are already in great shape when they are submitted, so a filter isn’t necessary. The key is maintaining a consistent look to all of the photos on the account.

Describe the look:

The look of Capeology is more scenic than anything. As a general rule, I don’t feature people or faces on the account. I love using vibrant colors and keeping the feed as clean looking as possible by simply focusing on the beauty of Cape Cod.

What type of camera or phone do you use?

I use my iPhone 7.



Created by Ryan Johnson

Day job:

Photographer and student

When did you start @wickedcapecod and what was the inspiration?

In August of 2014. I created the account because I wanted to have a community where people can see other people’s images of the Cape.

How do you curate photos for your site?

I look for photos that capture my attention immediately and that I find visually appealing. I only look at photos that use the tag #Wickedcapecod.

Favorite filter and why?

I don’t use Instagram filters. My editing is done with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Do you ever post some of your own photos? If so, what kind of camera (or phone) do you use?

I do post my own work occasionally. I use multiple cameras depending on the subject, but the cameras I use the most are the Canon 6D and various 5D models.

How many times a day do you post?

I try to post at least once a day, but sometimes even two or three times.

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