Instagram Running Rock Stars on the Cape

Running first Boston Marathon:

“When one of your best running buds understands how hard you’ve worked for this moment and is there to give you a much-needed giant hug before you round that corner, take in all the magic around you and cross that iconic finish line that will be forever etched in your memory as one of the best experiences of your life.”
#runnersmakethebestfriends #boston2017 #26point2 #runbuddies #myfirstBoston


Rewards of Running:

“Donuts. Soft, gooey, homemade ones. The best part of running for hours!” #IrunforDonuts


Running during lunch hour
“There’s something magical about #runch that can turn a whole day around!” #sweatpink #fitfluential


Running goals
“You can. End of story.” #makeithappen #runnerslife

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