Intimate View of the Cape

Orleans-based photographer Don Krohn represents all 15 Cape Cod towns with images in his new book “On Cape Cod.” Krohn captures the essence of the Cape—from beaches and boats to flowers and wildlife—in a way that only a local can. “I want to convey an eager observer’s freshness in the words and images between these covers, accurately representing Cape Cod as a place of lightness and beauty, where one leaves behind at the bridge the seriousness that diminishes our days,” Krohn writes in his book. Some of the most compelling pictures are from Krohn’s isolating two-week stay with his wife in a small, secluded shack in Provincetown built by Russian surrealist artist Boris Margo in 1940. “In this shack I sense the regenerative and invigorating idea of Cape Cod in a pure and strong distillation,” Krohn wrote during his weeks in the shack. Bailey Soderberg

  “On Cape Cod,” photographs and text by Don Krohn (David R. Godine, publisher), $29.95

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