It’s time to get Chappy Happy!

By Lisa Leigh Connors

When Hilarie Lally and Scott DeNoon started their company, Chappy Happy, many people asked, what does the name mean? “Every summer, my Dad would call to say he could not wait for his friends to come to Chappaquiddick to have a lobster dinner,” recalls Hilarie. “He would say, ‘I wait all summer to get happy on chappy!’” says Hilarie, whose father lived on Martha’s Vineyard for 20 years and passed away suddenly in early 2013. Hilarie struggled to find a way to be happy again and she found herself looking for stories and places that lifted her spirits. She started to think about her dad’s time on the Vineyard and Chappy Happy was born. The company sells apparel with colorful whale tails, including hats, totes, T-shirts and bracelets, which feature six strands of leather bands in various colors, silver slide charms and the signature whale tail. The brand aims to help people live in the moment, but mostly, enjoy life right where you are. Just saying their name will spread a smile across your face! For more information, visit

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