‘Just Ducky’ Shopping in Chatham

Chatting with Colette Cummings, Owner of Ducks in the Window

When did you take ownership of Ducks in the Window?

In December of 2015

Since taking over the store, in what ways has it changed?

We’ve taken a toy store that sold some ducks and turned it into a duck store that sells toys and apparel. We expanded our rubber duck selection, including “celebriducks,” created our own unique shark duck, Finny, introduced our exclusive Chatham duck lifestyle brand—T-shirts, belts, bags, keychains and baseball caps—and added duck-themed novelty gift items. We also added a baby section and enhanced it with the ability to personalize our hats and bonnets for the ducks while you wait with your choice of scarves.

What products are you excited to bring into the shop this summer?

The continuing expansion of Chatham ducks with the introduction of our baseball cap—in both the yellow ducky embroidery and the American flag patch—and our custom duck beach sheet by Beach Road Designs.

What are some of your top-selling items?

Our personalized large rubber ducks, our assortment of medium ducks—occupations, sports, themes and our assortment of small ducks—buy one, get one free. Everyone loves to collect ducks and add to their collection. As for toys, the current trends are putty, fidget spinners and skill toys.

What do you love most about your job?

It’s such a happy store and I love the customers I meet every day. It’s hard to be in the store and not have a smile on your face. The customer experience is incredible.

Ducks in the Window,

507 Main St., Chatham, 508-945-0334,



Keychain $8.99 | T-Shirt $26 (youth) and $28 (adult) | Belt $26 (youth) and $28 (adult)

Embroidered Hats $28-$32




Large tote and medium zippered canvas bag with leather straps, made in Greece $98 and $48

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