Lifting the Mask

quellfoundation_8782Four years ago, Falmouth resident Kevin Lynch experienced a traumatic event that would change his personal and professional life forever. Lynch, a disabled veteran, spiraled downward and within six tumultuous months he was diagnosed with clinical depression. Aggressive treatment from the medical community enabled Lynch to plan his life accordingly, armed with the knowledge of what he and 42.5 million adults are faced with 24 hours a day. Lynch, who founded The Quell Foundation, based in North Falmouth, now devotes his life to helping and educating not only those affected, but also those who don’t understand the depth of mental illness. Lynch is determined to break the chain of shame by lifting the stigma of this debilitating disease. On Nov. 19, Lynch will host a masquerade ball at Chatham Bars Inn to benefit the #LIFTTHEMASK project, a mission to begin lifting the social stigma from mental illness. By providing education, creating judgement-free dialogue, and offering scholarships to those young adults who want to pursue a career in mental health services, Lynch knows he can make a difference.—Kim Roderiques

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