Liz’s Café, Anybody’s Bar Finds Success in P’Town

The owner of Angel Foods market opened Liz’s Cafe, Anybody’s Bar in the West End of Provincetown last summer and it hasn’t slowed down since.

By Lisa Leigh Connors | Photography by Julia Cumes; pictured above: Lobster Benedict

On any given day at Liz’s Cafe, Anybody’s Bar, you will likely find Liz Lovati chatting and laughing with customers, serving delicious plates of food, and making sure everyone is happy. She even responds to last-minute delivery requests via text. On a bustling late Tuesday morning, the day after New Year’s Day, Lovati received a text from Provincetown Town Hall: “Sorry for the short notice. Can you bring assorted sandwiches, chips and cookies to town hall for the visitor’s service board in 40 minutes?”
“So, I say yes,” says Lovati, who personally delivered the food herself, “because it’s for the town.”

Lovati is a beloved local figure, so it’s no surprise that her latest venture, Liz’s Cafe, has been “wildly successful,” in her words. The café, the former Devon’s restaurant most recently, opened June 29 and hasn’t slowed down since—even in the off-season. “This has changed my life,” says Lovati.

After trying her hand at a Jamaican restaurant called One Love and running a restaurant in the Gifford House Inn with tepid results, Lovati, also the owner of Angel Foods market, says she has finally discovered the recipe for success: Serve affordable, comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a warm and sunny atmosphere, with a dash of good cheer, and the community will follow. Lovati says she couldn’t do it without her husband and chef, Danville Brown, outstanding friendly staff, and loyal customers. She’s also grateful to friend, designer and Provincetown resident Ken Fulk, who inspired the historic maritime theme, which features items like a big ship’s wheel behind the Dory Bar, chairs from the 1940s, a Provincetown map from the 1800s and bright yellow seating lining one wall.

On the day I visited with a colleague, we sampled the vegan scrambler with tofu; the Western omelet with ham, cheddar and peppers; the hash and eggs with the best home fries you have ever tasted; fried chicken and waffles; and the lobster benedict. Every dish was outstanding, flavorful and perfectly prepared. The night menu continues with comfort food that Lovati says she would serve at her house—spaghetti and meatballs, shepherd’s pie, meatloaf and mashed potatoes. “It’s no fuss, no muss,” says Lovati.

Vegan scrambler with tofu, veggies and a side of fruit

Part of the menu also pays tribute to Tip for Tops N’—an institution for 40 years at this location known for their breakfast specials. The name Anybody’s Bar comes from Anybody’s Market, which dates back to at least the 1940s.

“We are fortunate to have Liz,” says regular customer Stephen Lorello, who eats at the cafe several days a week with his family. “She’s not just putting on a show.”

If you visit this café, chances are good you might run into someone you know. As we were heading out, we bumped into local singer Jordan Renzi and her mom, Jane. It was Jordan’s second visit to the café.

“The food is excellent and the atmosphere is cozy and bright,” says Jordan. “I just love their yellow motif, with all of the artwork on the walls and the boat-themed bar. I also love their sub-heading—Anybody’s Bar. Everything about the place feels good.”

Liz’s Café, Anybody’s Bar
31 Bradford St., Provincetown

Fried chicken and waffles

Hash Benedict, with homemade corned beef hash

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