Must-Stop Bus Shop

A new local business, Green Road Refill, is helping to reduce our community’s plastic footprint one bottle at a time.

By Rachel Arroyo

Green Road Refill owner Jessica Georges

As storm clouds roll in on a humid summer day at the Makers Market in Brewster, Jessica Georges, owner of Green Road Refill, sits cheerfully off to the side, outside of a green bus she’s affectionately named Bettie. A step inside the refurbished school bus reveals a treasure trove of green products, from biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes and locally-made soy candles to an assortment of natural cleaning supplies and toiletries that are on tap and ready to be dispensed into any number of containers, whether purchased, self-supplied or taken from the free, pre-used pile.

Just a year ago, this was all a dream, quite literally. Georges—who moved to the Cape in 2003, where she met her husband, Justin—had finished paying off her student loans when she awoke from a dream with the idea of what would eventually become Green Road Refill, a mobile shop that not only sells ethically sourced, plant-based products that are good for you and the environment, but that also spreads awareness about sustainability.

“It’s like they say, reduce, reuse, recycle,” says Georges, “but first you have to reduce and reuse before you recycle.” The heart of the business, a handy green product refill station, cleverly addresses the reduce and reuse part of the equation. “I have always been an environmentalist and have always considered myself a tree hugger—and proud of it,” she says. “I have two kids and I have been really nervous [about the environment]. Rather than turn my nervousness into apathy, I decided to take action.”

Bettie Bus can be found at seasonal farmers’ markets from Hyannis to Orleans and throughout the winter at Cape Cod Beer’s farmers market in Hyannis. For Green Road Refill’s bus route, visit: In the off-season, customers can place product orders by emailing


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