Nuts about Granola

Four local companies discover the ingredients to running a successful business

By Marina Davalos | Photography by Paul Blackmore

In addition to making the very best granola, one owner in Osterville has created a cookie mix. A family-owned restaurant in Eastham features clusters flavored with ginger or espresso. A bakery in Mashpee creates gluten-free and grain-free mixtures, and finally, a café in Orleans puts an extra kick into its granola.

A Family Affair
Four Sisters Granola Clusters

From left to right: Lori Field, Jamie Wacht, Kris Bazzano and Erica Taber

According to her three sisters, Erica Taber is the granola master. “I’m always trying to make it better, no matter what it is,” says Erica. The four sisters, Lori, Kris, Jamie and Erica, grew up in Windsor, Connecticut. During college, they spent summers working on the Cape.

Lori, the youngest, got a job as a donut maker at Hole in One Bakery and Coffee Shop in Eastham in 1987. In the summer of 1989, Kris, the eldest, started working there and in November of that year, the sisters purchased the business with their parents’ help. Jamie, the second youngest, graduated from college in 1989 and began working at Hole in One, and subsequently the sisters opened a new location in Orleans. After Erica had her first child in the spring of 1995, she moved to the Cape. The entrepreneurial sisters soon expanded their business by purchasing the Fairway Restaurant in Eastham, right next to Hole in One, and they joined the two buildings.

When customers began to ask for granola, Erica listened and started experimenting. Her original blend mixes cinnamon oatmeal clusters, cranberries and three types of nuts. Other flavors include snappy ginger, midnight chocolate and perfect duo with peanut butter and chocolate. “Erica likes chocolate,” says Jamie, “so one day she added it to the granola. She nailed it.” The granola is available at both Hole in One locations, at the Fairway Restaurant in North Eastham and at stores throughout the Cape.

The Fairway Restaurant & Pizzeria and Hole in One Donut Shop
4295 Route 6, North Eastham

Gluten-free, Grain-free
White Lion Baking Company

Elizabeth Miles dreamed of being a baker from a young age. Her grandmother in Michigan would make beautiful meals, says Miles. After her family’s move to Nantucket, Miles got her first job at a coffee shop. She told her boss she wanted to be a baker. “They said, ‘you’re 14, you don’t know how to bake!’” But thanks to her grandmother, she did, and she was persistent. “They finally let me become a baker’s assistant.” Subsequently, her mentor encouraged her to enroll in a certificate program at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

After finishing her training as a pastry chef, Miles moved to Boston where she lived for five years and worked at various restaurants. She returned to the Cape in her mid-20s and purchased White Lion Bakery in Mashpee in 2012, when her son, Standish, was five. “I really knew I had something when it was confirmed that Whole Foods wanted to pick us up,” says Miles. Whole Foods carries White Lion’s apple pie and original granola, baking mixes, four cookie flavors—dark chocolate walnut, tropical cookie, cranberry walnut, raisin and spice—and cheddar sea salt crackers.

At White Lion, Miles’ recipes are gluten-free and grain-free, and customers began asking her to make granola. After experimenting, she came up with a recipe that met the criteria and was a tasty combination of coconut flakes, almonds, dates and honey. “We’re in 104 stores across New England and our goal is to go nationwide,” says Miles.

439 Nathan Ellis Highway, #1
Mashpee, 774-228-2946

Smile and Say Hello
Grin Hola Granola Company

Jason Warren, former owner of the Osterville Village Café, makes such good granola that when comedian Adam Sandler and his team were in Osterville filming a movie in 2011, Sandler had bags of it shipped home to California. Warren began experimenting with and perfecting granola recipes in the kitchen at his café. “I just kind of browsed recipes and tried to make them better,” he says. He experimented with different kinds and quantities of nuts, and came up with some pretty crunchy granola. “We use a little more nuts than most,” he admits.

Warren sold the café in 2014, and has single-mindedly pursued granola. Owning a home-based business allows him to spend more time with his wife, Erin, who helps out with the granola-making, and their three children.

His first granola, maple cranberry, features cranberries mixed with maple syrup for an unexpected twist. His cocoa-nutty variety includes organic coconut, whole and sliced almonds and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Other Grin Hola flavors feature peanut butter and jelly and apple pie. If that’s not enough to whet one’s appetite, Warren has created a cranberry-nut cookie mix based on his original granola flavor.

Grin Hola is sold in stores and supermarkets throughout Massachusetts, including Fancy’s Market in Osterville; Organic Market in Mashpee and Dennisport; and Lambert’s in Centerville.

114 Seth Goodspeed’s Way
Osterville, 781-760-9745

An Extra Kick for Breakfast
Sunbird Granola


Husband-and-wife team J’aime and Christian Sparrow spent 10 years in San Francisco—J’aime was a general manager for various restaurants, and Christian was a graphic designer. Shortly after they moved to the Cape in 2011, they started the Sunbird Food Truck in Wellfleet. She made all items with local and organic ingredients.

In 2015, they opened Sunbird Kitchen in Orleans with their friend Karen Densmore (they still operate the food truck in the summer). The interior, designed by Christian, has a rustic feel, with menu items handwritten on chalkboards. “Our café is a place for guests to kick back and eat well,” says J’aime. “We have a lot of people working in our kitchen who are passionate about food.”

Sunbird’s chef, Garrett Smythe, is the mastermind behind the café’s new curried cashew granola. Delivering an extra kick—a main ingredient is curry powder—the granola is served in a breakfast dish over Old Chatham sheep milk yogurt with mango puree, dried apricots and fresh herbs. Sunbird will expand its retail offerings as the business grows, so customers will soon be able to bring this unique taste home with them. Want to make Sunbird’s curried-cashew granola at home? Visit for the recipe.

Sunbird Kitchen, 85 Route 6A, Orleans,

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