On Top of the World

If Kevin Ham and his business partner, Russ Jennings, had their way, every restaurant, home for sale and business would have an aerial video of their location so people could see the dining atmosphere, the surrounding neighborhoods and a bird’s-eye view of the building. The Google-certified photographers, owners of Force 4 Photography, use a state-of-the art drone equipped with a high-definition camera to take photos and videos for Realtors, outdoor venues and restaurant owners. The photographers also hope to build their business by offering 360-views of a restaurant’s interior. Ham does not like to use the word drone because it gives a negative connotation, and he stresses safety. “The last thing we want is to get someone upset,” says Ham. Although the FAA is in the process of writing regulations, they avoid flying near airports and over crowds, and never fly higher than 400 feet. “It’s a little bit of the Wild Wild West right now, but we want to be safe,” says Ham. If you’re interested in an aerial video, Ham and Jennings will shoot, edit and deliver the video with music, descriptive text and links.


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