Oysterville Vodka

When Charlotte Canzano’s husband-to-be Greg Hoffman was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, she started making healthier life choices—specifically, changes in their diets. Once Hoffman’s health improved and they could enjoy a drink together again, she researched low-sugar options. Beer and wine were packed with sugar and other spirits were too heavy. “Vodka is a great choice because it is very clean,” says Canzano, an Osterville resident, who became obsessed with the distillery process and finding a smooth, clean brand. “Every time I would try a different vodka, I would ask, ‘How is this made? What is it made from? What is the process?’” After two years of searching for a distillery partner, she met a husband-and-wife team who own a distillery in Florida. It was a perfect match because they shared her passion to produce a high-quality product. In September of 2015, they launched the gluten-free, corn-based Oysterville Vodka, distributed by L. Knife & Son in Kingston. In just one year, the vodka has increased distribution from 30 locations to 350 liquor stores and restaurants on Cape Cod, the South Shore, West and North of Boston, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The label was inspired by a watercolor painting of nautical flags painted by Hoffman’s daughter. “I do think people love it for that,” says Canzano, “but what I am most proud of is what’s in the bottle. Hopefully they try it and decide for themselves.”—Lisa Leigh Connors

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