Photo Feature: A Higher Perspective

Paul Rifkin Photography

One might assume that Paul Rifkin’s aerial shots of landmarks such as Chatham Bars, Sandy Neck and Cotuit Bay were taken with a drone, but Rifkin captures these images with his Canon Rebel from high above via helicopter. He doesn’t object to drone photography, he just likes to be personally involved. “I want to be the one up there looking through the camera, making the composition,” says Rifkin, who is self-taught and has been taking pictures all of his life. His aerial photographs of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant were published in The New Yorker (2016), and his aerial of Cotuit’s Lowell Park appeared in Yankee Magazine in 2012. Of the shots featured on the following pages, Rifkin says he’s most fond of the Falmouth Road Race and running by Nobska Light. “It’s one of the grandest views on the Cape,” says Rifkin. “Plus, I used to be a runner, so I feel intimately connected to it.”

Marina Davalos

Chatham Bars


Great Marsh, West Barnstable

Quissett, Falmouth

Sandy Neck, Barnstable


Lowell Park, Cotuit


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