Pieces of Kennedy History

By Marina Davalos

Cape artist Richard Neal has created stunning mixed media images of John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy using materials salvaged from a remodel at their Hyannisport summer home.

The idea was planted in 2011 when designer and builder Mark Grenier was contacted to restore and preserve the cottage on the Kennedy compound, owned by Ted Kennedy, Jr., and his wife, Kiki. Grenier did not want to simply dispose of the pieces of history, so he contacted the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum. Through the museum, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, and the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, a call went out to local artists. Neal is one of 32 Cape artists who participated in the project. His piece entitled “Jack” is a portrait of JFK in a pensive pose, painted onto part of a bookcase that once belonged to JFK Jr. “I cut the shelves and put them back together in a different way,” says Neal. His piece entitled “Jackie” is made from a window frame. The three-dimensional iconic images change in appearance when viewed from different angles.

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