Ready to Move

Ready to kick off the new year by shaking up your workout routine?

From hula-hoop activities to surf training, these five classes will get you off the couch and will inspire you to try something new.

By Elana Golub and Catherine Malcynsky • Photography by Julia Cumes

Cape Fit Hoops

  • Where: Masjah Center OHM Studios
    181 Route 137, East Harwich; Cape Cod Beer,1336 Phinneys Lane, Hyannis
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: $12 to $15
  • Info:

These aren’t your kids’ hula hoops. In fact, these hoops are bigger, wider and slightly heavier, which makes them easier to spin around your waist. During the 60-minute class, instructor Jessie Decker engages participants (from 6 to 16 students) with aerobic exercises and high-energy music. The hula hoop is not just for spinning, either. It’s also used in stationary positions for lunges, squats and leg lifts. Decker, who makes her own hula hoops with special tubing and colorful tape, started teaching regular classes last year through the Brewster Recreation Department at Drummer Boy Park and at Chatham Bars Inn as a corporate trainer. She has two certifications for hula hoop fitness and plans to get certified in Hoop-yasa, which incorporates yoga poses, pilates and barre with hooping. Decker says you can do hooping anywhere, including in front of the TV. “Do it for a minute or two, and you’ll be amazed at the results.” If you attend the class at Cape Cod Beer, you are rewarded with a beer afterwards. Cheers to hooping! – Lisa Leigh Connors

Pole Fitness

  • Where: Uptown Body,
    305 Dillingham Ave., Falmouth
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Cost: $20
  • Info:

Fitness junkies searching for a completely new type of workout should check out this exercise endeavor.

Although the concept of pole fitness may be intimidating or confusing, the friendly and intimate environment fostered by these small-sized classes allows regular attendees and first-timers to shed inhibitions and confidently approach this daunting workout. Instructor Jennifer Lofiego is incredibly encouraging, easing beginners and advanced students through choreography, skills and techniques that leave you feeling sexy, sweaty, strong and sore days later. Understanding that each member of her class moves at a different pace, Lofiego suggests individual modifications to her routines and pole work to ensure nobody is feeling rushed or hindered in her practice.

Time flies in this hour-long class, exploring spins, climbs, inversions, dancing and much more—all while perfecting an approach to the pole that relies on focus and strength. Head over to Uptown Body to see for yourself!

Spin TRX Class

  • Where: Heart Core Fitness Studio,
    95 Commercial St., Wellfleet
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Cost: $22/drop-in; punch-pass
    membership rates listed online
  • Info:

For those who break a sweat just trying to decide between cardio and core-strengthening exercises, this class may be the ticket!

The first 25 minutes of your workout will take place “in the saddle” on one of the stationary bikes in Heart Core studio’s spin room. The spin session includes a medley of endurance riding, interval training and isolations, all to upbeat music and the tough love of seasoned instructor Holly Rose. Just when you think you can’t pedal for another second, the end is in sight—that is, for part one of your full-body workout! Hop off your bike and enter the TRX room (a comfortable, airy space overlooking Wellfleet’s beautiful marshes), where each attendee will test their flexibility, core strength and willpower as they push and pull through 25 minutes on cutting-edge TRX suspension equipment.

By the end of class, and after a good stretch session, you will leave sore and sweaty. You might be glad the class has ended, but you’ll be even happier that you came!

Tabata Cycle 

  • Where: Let’s Cycle Cape Cod,
    4 Alphonse Road, Unit 12, East Falmouth
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: $12
  • Info:

Instructor Faith Anderson’s tagline: “Get inside and ride.”

For spinners bored with their routine class, or cyclists looking for a way to simulate the exercise of their outdoor adventures while there’s snow on the ground, Let’s Cycle Cape Cod, open year-round, offers a new approach to spinning, utilizing the method of high-intensity interval training to burn up calories in the cold months.

Riders start their hour-long journey on bikes equipped with individual monitors that tell the cyclist about their gear, rotations per minute, time elapsed and calories burned. Using these numbers as guidelines, Anderson leads the class up and down hills. What makes this exercise so unique is the giant television screen at the front of the room, which coaches bikers through three separate “tabatas” throughout the class: 20 seconds of pushing yourself to your highest intensity, followed by 10 seconds of recovery, repeated eight times for a four-minute cardio blast. This technique allows cyclists to train for speed and distance, while also pushing the body to keep burning calories even after the class has ended!

Surf Fit Training 

  • Where: Balanced 4 Fitness, 210 Main St., East Orleans
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: $20 per class (punch-pass and private session rates listed online)
  • Info:

Instructor Andi Hibbert guides her class (however small) toward a leaner, athletic body. More specifically, the enviable body of a surfer. Using a stationary surfboard-turned-balance board, Hibbert walks her students through the various motions of surfing. Weights are added to mimic the resistance of water in arm-paddling exercises; core and oblique muscles are engaged in the pop-up and balancing maneuvers; hamstrings and calves are tested in the challenges that come with standing on the board.

Yoga-like poses and sequences are added into this unique experience, demonstrating how techniques learned in classes are directly applicable to sports and other activities outside the classroom. Music as well as simulated sounds of the ocean help liven up the class, making it possible to imagine oneself out on the waves. A combination of imagination, determination and motivation are required for this fun and innovative class. Come get your sea legs at Balanced 4 Fitness in East Orleans!

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