Sisters Rally Around Against the Tide Event

Debra Joyce, Joy Pineo, and Francis Duarte

From left: Megan, Debra’s niece; Debra Joyce; Francis Duarte, Debra and Joy’s grandmother; Debra’s daughter Julianna; Joy Pineo

By Julia Appicelli

Debra Joyce and Joy Pineo, owners of Beyond Beauty of Cape Cod, demonstrate the strength that women possess through their commitment and ability to turn tragedy into a productive outlet. The twin sisters lost their mother, Judith Mayer, to breast cancer when they were just teenagers and were placed under the care of their grandmother, Francis Duarte.

Duarte became involved in the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, an organization that seeks to understand the causes of breast cancer, as a means to channel her grief toward a compelling cause. Joyce and Pineo followed in her footsteps, volunteering for the past 15 years and raising funds for the organization that add up to more than $60,000.

“They don’t want to see what happened to them happen to other people,” says Cheryl Osimo, executive director of the MBCC and the co-founder of their sister organization, Silent Spring Institute. “They know the feeling of hurt that comes from the loss of a mother, and they have transformed that loss into action. They are giving, caring and supportive of all of us.”

Their commitment to MBCC’s cause can be seen through their involvement in the Against the Tide Swim, Kayak, Walk, Run event on Cape Cod, a family-friendly and inspirational event that brings people from all demographics together with one goal in mind: breast cancer prevention.

“People coming together is inspirational. Whether you’re a spectator, a family member or someone diagnosed with breast cancer, I think it is empowering for everyone to be there, helping in any way they can for the prevention of breast cancer,” says Osimo. Last year, they were the highest fundraising team for the event, with $10,000 raised.

This year, they are continuing their involvement in the event, which will take place on Aug. 20 at Nickerson State Park in Brewster. Their continued involvement shows their commitment to transforming the loss of their mother into a beautiful, charitable accomplishment.

MBCC is inviting people throughout Massachusetts to join Joyce and Pineo’s charitable efforts and register for Against the Tide online or by calling 800-649-MBCC (6222).


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