SP0NSORED CONTENT: Narroline Conversion Kits

Narroline Conversion Kits are designed to retrofit existing Narroline windows and convert them into 400 Series Tiltwash windows, creating less disruption when remodeling a home..

By Joe Murphy, Shepley Wood Products

After 50 years and more than 50 million windows sold, Andersen® Corporation discontinued the 200 Series Narroline double-hung window in December of 2012. Although parts and pieces are available for repairs, customers looking for a full window replacement will have to consider other options. For full frame replacement, Andersen’s wide range of products offer great options. For customers looking for replacement windows, however, Andersen has developed the Narroline Conversion Kit. These kits are specifically designed to retrofit existing Narroline windows and convert them into 400 Series Tiltwash windows, upgrading the sash, balancers, jamb liners and hardware. The existing window frame is maintained, so labor and disruption to the home are significantly reduced.

Provided customers’ existing window frames are sound, they can expect to increase the energy efficiency of their windows by more than 40 percent by the use of Andersen’s standard High-Performance Low-E4 glass. Furthermore, the seal between sash and frame is made more reliable using Andersen’s exclusive compressible jamb liner. Finally, the tilt wash feature will allow your customer to clean both sides of the glass from the inside of their home.

In addition to the increased efficiency Narroline Conversion Kits will provide, your customer can create a brand new look using all of the options available to them in internal and external colors (keeping in mind your frame stays the same), grille configurations, patterns and hardware.

This is an excellent opportunity to provide your customers with an upgraded window with little disruption to their home. As always, Andersen extends their limited warranty of 20 years on glass and 10 years on other parts for these kits.

Andersen provides comprehensive installation videos for this product, as well as all of their product offerings, on the “Andersen Windows” channel on YouTube. Please contact your Shepley Andersen Windows Vertical Product Specialist for more information and come and visit us at the Shepley Showcase where we have a Narroline Conversion Kit on display for you and your customers to see.

Joe Murphy manages the Shepley Showcase, our dedicated Window and Door Showroom. Contact him a 508-862-6228 or jmurphy@shepleywood.com

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