SPONSORED CONTENT: Save your back with Andersen® A-Series Easy Connect Joining System

By Joe Murphy, Shepley Wood Products

Shepley and Andersen Windows & Doors are pleased to introduce a unique and innovative way to join and install large or heavy A-Series multi-window combinations. These combinations can be broken down into smaller and lighter ready to assemble groups – making installation on site much easier and safer! The ready to assemble groups will have factory applied components for final assembly in the rough opening. Smaller ready to assemble groups will be more portable and easier to handle than a fully joined combination with minimal job site component assembly required. This joining method is currently available for flanged A-Series window units.


The components identified above are factory applied. The smaller ready to assemble groups are installed individually in the rough opening by sliding the groups together until the fiberglass joining plates are locked together and fastened to the rough opening through the half gussets and flanges.

Size Availability

Depending on the weight, ready to assemble groups can be factory assembled up to 12-feet wide by 8-feet tall. It is recommended to divide large combinations into smaller ready to assemble groups for easier and safer handling. For example, a ribbon combination with six transoms joined to six casements can be ordered as six individual stacks or three two wide stacks or two three wide stacks.


The 4 9/16” fiberglass joining material is as strong as 6 9/16-inches LVL joining material. Factory assembled and ready to assemble groups are PG certified to AAMA 450. Performance ratings vary based on tributary areas and the span of the join. All sizes up to 144-inch span perform at air and water resistance levels required of PG70. This fiberglass joining system was also tested to withstand the large missile impact requirements of ASTM E1886 / E1996 Wind Zone 4 as well as TAS201, 202, 203 for Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

Visit the Shepley Showcase, or ask your Shepley Andersen Specialist about the NEW Andersen® A-Series Easy Connect Joining System!

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