Above: The customer demand for white interior patio doors has been met by Andersen.
By Joe Murphy, Shepley Wood Products

 To meet the strong demand for a white interior option, Shepley and Andersen are pleased to announce a pre-finished vinyl white interior option for Narroline® gliding patio doors. The 200 Series Narroline Gliding Patio Doors have sleek contemporary profiles to maximize views. They are available in two- and four-panel configurations to fit virtually any size requirement. The new pre-finished vinyl white interior option is being added as an additional option to clear pine.

The sill (one- and two-panel configurations) has an anodized aluminum track with a stainless steel cap that resists stain, rust and denting. On four-panel doors, sills have an attractive, water-repellent baked-on finish in a neutral gray color. A thermal barrier reduces conductive heat loss and limits condensation on the inside. The exterior portion of the sill is also anodized aluminum.

The exterior frame is covered with a rigid vinyl that maintains an attractive appearance while minimizing maintenance. The wood frame is treated with a water-repellent preservative for long-lasting protection and performance. Interior frame trim pieces are unfinished pine. A flexible vinyl weatherstrip provides a positive seal between the frame and panels. Dual ball-bearing rollers on door panels provide smooth gliding operation with self-contained leveling adjusters.

For more information, or to order your Narroline Gliding Door unit, please visit the Shepley Showcase in Hyannis.

Joe Murphy manages the Shepley Showcase, Shepley’s dedicated Window and Door Showroom. Contact him a 508-862-6228 or jmurphy@shepleywood.com





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