Strengthening Community Through Yoga

By Marina Davalos

Michelle Itzkowitz, owner of Innerglow Yoga in Mashpee Commons, has built a growing community around her studios with diverse classes, a yoga book club, monthly workshops, massages and a retail shop. Itzkowitz’s success led to the opening of a second studio just last year—Innerglow North—which offers stress reduction workshops, pre-natal yoga and private sessions. A native of Framingham and former middle and high school teacher, Itzkowitz has been involved in her yoga practice for more than two decades. “I discovered yoga in the 1990s in my little apartment in Hackensack, New Jersey,” says Itzkowitz. “I moved back to Framingham in 2001 and was going to go back to New Jersey, but 9/11 happened. That’s when I got deeper into my practice.” At Innerglow’s main studio, which opened in 2013, instructors teach everything from gentle yoga to heated power vinyasa, yin yoga, Barre and Pilates. For those interested in teaching yoga, Innerglow offers a 200-hour teacher-training sessions three times a year. Itzkowitz says she’s grateful for the community that has grown around her studios. “It’s exciting to have so much interest.” 

Innerglow Yoga
Main Studio: 30 Steeple St., Mashpee Commons; North Studio, 20 Bates Road, Mashpee Commons, 508-477-9642

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