The Sweet Life

Ever wonder what an apple pie would taste like as a truffle? Rose Rocque and her daughter Felicia were curious, so they created the golf ball-size pieffle: truffles filled with delicious ingredients like apple cider caramel, pumpkin pie and pecan pie, wrapped in crust and dipped in chocolate, then topped with caramel or bourbon-soaked sugared pecans. Not surprisingly, the mouth-watering invention won first place for Judge’s Choice Dessert at the 2016 New England Food Festival in Plymouth.

The pieffle is one of many sweet treats sold through their family business, Elixir Confections, co-owned by Rose and her husband, Marc Rocque. Word of Elixir has spread over the past couple of years among sweet-toothed locals, area businesses and brides and grooms seeking desserts for their wedding receptions—many drawn to the company by the signature colorful designs that decorate each bite-size creation, from anchors to red hearts and lips for Valentine’s Day.

In addition to pieffles, they offer special chocolate assortments by the season and holiday: buttery shortbread, peanut butter shortbread, chocolate chip cookies and full-size pies. But perhaps even sweeter than their wares is the family’s passion for what they do. “Chocolate itself is such a beautiful thing, and everything about it is going to be different in each part of the world,” says Felicia. “People don’t talk about chocolate and where it comes from; we want to bring that passion for it to them.”—Text and photography by Lannan M. O’Brien

Elixir Confections, based in Forestdale, operates primarily online. Contact or 508-419-1498.

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