A Toast to Truro Vineyards

In 2007, Dave Roberts and his family moved to Truro to start Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod, all of them making the commitment to be involved in the business. This year, the vineyard is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

It has been a successful venture. Wine production has increased 68.5 percent in 10 years, tastings went from 20,000 to 38,000, the property grew in size from 1.6 to 6.1 acres, and South Hollow Spirits was added, with rums and gin distilled on premises—a labor of love for the entire family. The grounds are a popular space for tourists and locals, where families, kids and dogs can picnic. Blackfish Restaurant’s Crush Pad Food Truck sells a variety of food, from lobster bisque to Kobe beef hotdogs, and the grownups can order drinks outside. The space is also used for local Truro celebrations and is rented out for weddings. On a sunny summer afternoon, the place is packed.

“The outdoor space happened organically,” says co-owner Kristen Roberts. “We have tastings outside, and farmer-winery license, so we can sell by the glass.”

The family had begun talks as early as 2005 to buy the property, a 19th-century farm (of which Edward Hopper did two paintings), from Kathy Gregrow and Judy Wimer, who established the vineyard in 1993. The vineyard grows some of its own grapes, offers wine-tastings, tours and a gift shop. Winemaker Matyas Vogel and son David Jr. produce 19 different wines, including their popular Lighthouse Series and several higher-priced limited release wines.

Kristen Roberts, along with her brother, David, now run the day-to-day business.  Dave Roberts and his wife, Kathy, spent their honeymoon in Truro and spent family summer vacations there as well. Roberts and his wife still guide the business. “My father loved the idea of all of us being near each other,” says Kristen. “It’s been great, and it gets better every year.” –John G. Ives

Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod, 11 Shore Road, North Truro, 508-487-6200, trurovineyardsofcapecod.com. This summer, the vineyard is planning a special 10th anniversary celebration. Check their website for updates and details.

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