Truro Couple Takes the Reins

Text and photography by Kim Roderiques

The beautiful landscape of beach grass swaying in the breeze at Truro’s Ryder Beach is overshadowed by two miniature horses trotting along the coastline.

Truro residents Karen Tosh and her husband, Tracey Maclin, started Auction Rescues, Inc., a 501(c) organization, in 2015 after learning about the cruel treatment of miniature horses and ponies at livestock auctions. The couple first rescued Folly several years ago after following the pony at an auction site. Folly’s journey began at a livestock auction in Kentucky when buyers from a stable in Cranbury, N.J., purchased him and offered him at their weekly auction. Horses that are not purchased by individuals, or saved by rescue groups, find themselves in the “kill pen.”

Tosh and Snickers, one of four miniatures she has rescued, are pictured in front of Edward Hopper’s house.

At first, Folly was painfully skittish. He couldn’t be touched without extreme emotional duress and severe fright. With the assistance and generous help from a veterinarian, Dr. Sadie Hutchings of Herring Cove Veterinary Hospital in Provincetown, this frightened rescue was transformed into a trainable, friendly and reliable trail pony who loves to follow other horses. Folly now loves the beach and enjoys going into the water up to his chest.

After watching this major transformation, Tosh and Maclin made the decision to rescue one pony or miniature horse a year from auctions across the country. They have happily rescued four ponies and miniature horses over the past several years. Folly, Snickers, Martino and Einstein have become an integral part of their family in South Truro. With the help of donations and much of their own funding, they are able to provide proper accommodations. All donations go to purchasing miniatures at auction, quarantine, veterinary care and food.

Folly and Snickers enjoy trotting along the coastline in Truro.

Snicker hangs out at the stables.

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