Viewable Veins

By Rebecca Mayer Knutsen

Blood draws and IV placements can be anxiety-provoking on both sides of the needle. Armed with the assistance of an easily operated tool, healthcare providers at Cape Cod Healthcare can visualize veins for correct needle placement, thereby easing patient fears and discomfort.

The lightweight, easy-to-clean device provides cost savings for hospitals, reduces the risk of infection and improves patient outcomes. Cape Cod Healthcare has embraced the technology in its Falmouth and Hyannis locations.

“The patient response has been fantastic,” shares Lori Jewett, MSN, RN, VP of patient care at Falmouth Hospital. “The patient’s stress level decreases immediately. Now that the device is available, patients request its use.”

The AccuVein AV400 Vein Viewing System relies on infrared light to locate hemoglobin in the blood and illuminate a map of the patient’s veins for easy needle placement. The tool is invaluable for patients who have endured painful, time-consuming procedures due to veins that are difficult to locate.

To guide the best needle placement quickly and easily, the device attaches to a portable hands-free solution or a hands-free stand with wheels for bedside use. According to Jewett, the tool never touches the patient so cleaning is an easy process that does not require sterilization.

“The device is most commonly used when a vein is not easily seen or felt by the nurse,” she says. “It builds the nurse’s confidence when she finds the patient’s most accessible vein on the first try.”  And, the patient can breathe a sigh of relief.

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