Women Move Toward Recovery


Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Joy George-Bryden, owner and principal teacher at Joe’s Place True Pilates, uses it as an opportunity to inform her clients about breast cancer—from prevention and area incidence to the benefits of pilates for survivors. “The Cape, unfortunately, has a high incidence of breast cancer, says George-Bryden. Many of the clients I have worked with over the years are survivors and have found Pilates to provide an extraordinary change in their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. It helps them get back to their everyday routines more quickly.” The goals include increased shoulder mobility, reduced chest tightness, increased muscle endurance and improved posture. Pilates works with spring-loaded resistance, which is very different from weights, and the movements are designed so much of it can be done lying down. The springs work like your muscles: They expand and contract, so the strengthening and the stretch are combined in one motion. “The exercises we do with a client recovering from breast cancer are the same exercises we do with everybody says George-Bryden. However, we modify them as needed for where they are in their rehab. We pick and choose specific exercises within the method that address their needs as they move through recovery. The focus of pilates is to return bodies back to life—and we see that happen beautifully in these cases.” 860 Route 134, Dennis, 508-385-8882; 121 Chatham Road, Harwich, 408-432-4336. www.joesplacetruepilates.com

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