Woods Hole Film Festival screens candid documentary

By Elana Golub

Not a seat was empty at Redfield Auditorium last month as viewers awaited the screening of “Look at Us Now, Mother!” at the 2015 Woods Hole Film Festival. The documentary told the story of Emmy award-winning filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum’s difficult relationship with her mother, unveiled through various pieces of raw video footage, old letters and diary entries and personal interviews. The film transports audiences through the turbulent history of this familial bond, splashed with humorous anecdotes.

Earning a place as 2nd runner-up in the festival’s audience awards for best documentary feature, “Look at Us Now, Mother!” showcased an introspective approach so refreshingly candid and well-crafted that allowed viewers to truly experience the emotional rollercoaster of the Kirschenbaum relationship reparations. The meticulous layering of diverse multimedia forms added a dimension of tangible honesty that substantiated the pathos of the film’s storyline.

Mothers and daughters: See this documentary together. No matter what your prior feelings are toward each other, you’ll be guaranteed to leave holding hands, filled with an unparalleled appreciation for having such a special woman in your life.

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