Meet Me at Mac’s

Text and photography by Marjorie Naylor Pitts

When Mac Hay noticed off-season customers at his former Eastham location buying a cup of chowder and a lobster roll, then eating in their cars, he saw a need to open a welcoming place for people to sit and enjoy their food year-round. So last June, he opened Mac’s Market & Kitchen, both a market and a seafood café with a casual vibe. Menu items include Mac’s clam chowder (pork and gluten-free), Portuguese kale soup, ceviche, steamed shellfish, raw bar items and lobster rolls. Prepared foods in the to-go case offer an array of deli salads and sides, such as the popular kale Caesar salad with curried chick peas, as well as fish and crab cakes, smoked salmon and bluefish—all the makings for a delicious lunch, beach picnic or dinner. The 1,200-square-foot building also houses extensive catering services. “It’s very casual, fun and evolving,” says Hay. “There’s a fine line between being creative and also being accepted—it’s always an interesting balance, watching the food find its equilibrium here.”

Mac’s Market & Kitchen
4680 State Highway, Route 6, Eastham

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