Where Will Your Next Road Take You?

Photographer Brooke Parker Higgins revisits her connection to the Cape and how it has inspired her work.

Photography and text by Brooke Parker Higgins

My parents and I first visited the Cape when I was 4 years old, renting a hexagonal, restored salt-evaporating house in Falmouth. This is where I received and shot with my very first camera, a gift from my father, who is a professional photographer as well. We eventually moved to Easton when I was 9 years old and continued to regularly visit the Cape—one of the most special and magical places. After moving to Los Angeles in 1995, I would return home at least once a year, to visit my family and friends.

I have returned to the Cape often, specifically to shoot more landscape photos. After those visits, I included a few Cape photos in my first photography book, published in 2015, “Where Will Your Next Road Take You?” This book features landscape photos from some of my travels all over the U.S. That experience inspired me to look at nature in layers through my lens, just like in life. I loved it so much, that I am currently working on a second photography book, shooting more “roads” photography exclusively on the Cape.

It has been an incredible and cathartic gift to shoot all over the Cape and Nantucket. Not only to revisit my favorite places, but to discover new and untraveled Cape roads. I am so grateful to see it with all its beauty—with older and different eyes and to have a full-circle perspective. I feel like I am starting a whole new chapter and looking forward to see where it will take me.

Photographer Brooke Parker Higgins has a rich family history on the Cape. Richard Higgins, one of the seven founders of the town of Nauset (now the town of Eastham), is one of her ancestors. Her mother, Rev. Suzanne Parker Higgins, whose maiden and married names are Higgins, was a direct descendant. Her parents, William and Florence, retired and lived in Falmouth for more than 20 years.

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